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Ryuuguu Rena 「竜宮 レナ」 ([personal profile] takechuhome) wrote2011-12-11 03:31 am

Take Chu 004 - Fourth Wall Post [video/action/whatever]

One, two, three, four~ One, two, three, four!

Come on Pichy, Swirl, you can do it~

[ Rena is busy giving her Pokemon some exercising routines; must not slack off now! Obtaining the Violet City gym was but the first of many challenges for her and her Pokemon. Ah. She must catch up to all her friends and reunite with them again. ]

We're nearly to Azelea so we better shape up, hauu hauu! 

[ She turns toward her Pokemon egg and nuzzles it with love. Ahh, she was excited to know what inside it. ]

Little one, your older brothers and sisters are waiting for your arrival. Ehehe~ 



[ The egg suddenly shakes and a bright light fills up the whole Pokegear. Shortly after it died down, a small coo could be heard. 

Congratulations Rena! You've got a Dratini! ]

I-It finally hatched? 

...Hauuu~ You're adorable! Yes you are! Hahaha~

[ Rena will spin around and around with the Dratini in her hand before falling flat on her tush with a thump. ]


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