Jul. 25th, 2012

takechuhome: (✩ {Cry} How did it come to this?)
Hauu... If you're here, then... Rena is all alone then huh?

[ The girl will be laying on the ground as sparks danced around the area sending down trees in the process. The only Pokemon that could get near her was her Pikachu and a new addiction...Rika's Ampharos, Hanyuu. When she heard the news that Rika left Johto, she was training her Pokemon for the next gym battle. She just stopped as soon as she recognized the Ampharos and just collapsed to the ground. It was only then that these powers that everyone had talked about over the feed had infected her as well.  ]

First Satoshi-kun and Satoko-chan, Miichan, then Keiichi-kun, and now Rika-chan? It's just so... sad. Rena thought that they could be happy here, but... it's just like before... being alone and taking those pills. Then when Takano killed us one by one... Rena couldn't do anything... Now they're all gone...

[ She sniffed as she choked back her tears trying to compose herself, but failing. ]

No, Rena... you must be happy. For their sake...

[ Even though she told herself that, it didn't seem to make her feel any better. ]

Say the magic words. Say it.

Hauu... Hauu... H-Hauu...


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