takechuhome: (✩ TAKE HOME MODE)
Ryuuguu Rena 「竜宮 レナ」 ([personal profile] takechuhome) wrote2011-05-17 10:49 pm

Take Chu 001 - Tree Rescueee~! [ video ]

[ It was raining where the young girl and her partner stood. The Pichu held a leaf over her head to avoid getting soaked, but she sighed at her trainer's antics. Rena had only just arrived at New Bark, but her senses for cute things have not changed. She was currently ogling over a minuscule tree. ]

Hauu... I want to take this home with me~ Home with me~

[ The teen switched from side to side; huffing at its cuteness. She stood around wondering how to grab this new target. It was just adorable!! The girl did not care nor noticed the rain. ]

Maybe if I grab it like this--No... How about from this angle? No... Hauu... If only I had my hatchet... it would be easier right, right?

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