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Ryuuguu Rena 「竜宮 レナ」 ([personal profile] takechuhome) wrote2011-06-24 02:08 am

Take Chu 002 - A Rocky Situation [video]


[ The feed shows Trainer and Pokemon trudging along the rocky road of what was known as the Dark Cave. Along way the here, the two have successfully recruited a Pidgey and a Magikarp. Oh how excited she was to find that Magikarp, she didn't care if it only knew splash all that matters was, she'll train it just as Will-san said. With love and care. The Pidgey sat on her head (to somewhat resembled a hat) while Pichu walked alongside Rena just staring at her bag, which was unusually lumpy. ]

Hauu... Pichy, stop staring at the bag like that. These rocks are very valuable and not to mention adorable~! 

pi pi chuu~

No Pichy, I'm not going to throw rocks away...even if they are incredibly heavy... but that won't stop me!!

[ The Pichu sighed. There was no negotiating with Rena when it came to 'adorable' things. She decided to climb up onto her bag and release the rocks herself. Be free, rocks... Be free. ]
P-Pichy~ ...Now I have to pick them again. 
[ She pouted a little more at the mouse, though as she was leaning forward to grab them--they were surrounded by Zubat. Oh shi-]

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