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How am I doing as Rena?

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Name: Ryuuguu "Reina" Rena 「竜宮 レナ」
Series: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Kai)
Route Date Arrived: May 17th, 2011 (1st Entry)
Mayfield Date Arrived: July , 2012 (1st Entry)
Route Canon Point: Post-Minagoroshi-hen
Mayfield Canon Point: ?
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 15 (16 in Route)
Birthdate: 7/7
Gender: Female
Hair: Red-Orange
Eyes: Blue

Current Location: Violet City
Traveling With: no one
Badges: 0
Money: P2990

Hauu~ Rena's going to catch all the Pokemon! )
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Hauu... If you're here, then... Rena is all alone then huh?

[ The girl will be laying on the ground as sparks danced around the area sending down trees in the process. The only Pokemon that could get near her was her Pikachu and a new addiction...Rika's Ampharos, Hanyuu. When she heard the news that Rika left Johto, she was training her Pokemon for the next gym battle. She just stopped as soon as she recognized the Ampharos and just collapsed to the ground. It was only then that these powers that everyone had talked about over the feed had infected her as well.  ]

First Satoshi-kun and Satoko-chan, Miichan, then Keiichi-kun, and now Rika-chan? It's just so... sad. Rena thought that they could be happy here, but... it's just like before... being alone and taking those pills. Then when Takano killed us one by one... Rena couldn't do anything... Now they're all gone...

[ She sniffed as she choked back her tears trying to compose herself, but failing. ]

No, Rena... you must be happy. For their sake...

[ Even though she told herself that, it didn't seem to make her feel any better. ]

Say the magic words. Say it.

Hauu... Hauu... H-Hauu...
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One, two, three, four~ One, two, three, four!

Come on Pichy, Swirl, you can do it~

[ Rena is busy giving her Pokemon some exercising routines; must not slack off now! Obtaining the Violet City gym was but the first of many challenges for her and her Pokemon. Ah. She must catch up to all her friends and reunite with them again. ]

We're nearly to Azelea so we better shape up, hauu hauu! 

[ She turns toward her Pokemon egg and nuzzles it with love. Ahh, she was excited to know what inside it. ]

Little one, your older brothers and sisters are waiting for your arrival. Ehehe~ 



[ The egg suddenly shakes and a bright light fills up the whole Pokegear. Shortly after it died down, a small coo could be heard. 

Congratulations Rena! You've got a Dratini! ]

I-It finally hatched? 

...Hauuu~ You're adorable! Yes you are! Hahaha~

[ Rena will spin around and around with the Dratini in her hand before falling flat on her tush with a thump. ]

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[ The feed shows Trainer and Pokemon trudging along the rocky road of what was known as the Dark Cave. Along way the here, the two have successfully recruited a Pidgey and a Magikarp. Oh how excited she was to find that Magikarp, she didn't care if it only knew splash all that matters was, she'll train it just as Will-san said. With love and care. The Pidgey sat on her head (to somewhat resembled a hat) while Pichu walked alongside Rena just staring at her bag, which was unusually lumpy. ]

Hauu... Pichy, stop staring at the bag like that. These rocks are very valuable and not to mention adorable~! 

pi pi chuu~

No Pichy, I'm not going to throw rocks away...even if they are incredibly heavy... but that won't stop me!!

[ The Pichu sighed. There was no negotiating with Rena when it came to 'adorable' things. She decided to climb up onto her bag and release the rocks herself. Be free, rocks... Be free. ]
P-Pichy~ ...Now I have to pick them again. 
[ She pouted a little more at the mouse, though as she was leaning forward to grab them--they were surrounded by Zubat. Oh shi-]
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[ It was raining where the young girl and her partner stood. The Pichu held a leaf over her head to avoid getting soaked, but she sighed at her trainer's antics. Rena had only just arrived at New Bark, but her senses for cute things have not changed. She was currently ogling over a minuscule tree. ]

Hauu... I want to take this home with me~ Home with me~

[ The teen switched from side to side; huffing at its cuteness. She stood around wondering how to grab this new target. It was just adorable!! The girl did not care nor noticed the rain. ]

Maybe if I grab it like this--No... How about from this angle? No... Hauu... If only I had my hatchet... it would be easier right, right?


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