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Take Chu 005 - Farewell, dear friend [video; backdated to last week]

Hauu... If you're here, then... Rena is all alone then huh?

[ The girl will be laying on the ground as sparks danced around the area sending down trees in the process. The only Pokemon that could get near her was her Pikachu and a new addiction...Rika's Ampharos, Hanyuu. When she heard the news that Rika left Johto, she was training her Pokemon for the next gym battle. She just stopped as soon as she recognized the Ampharos and just collapsed to the ground. It was only then that these powers that everyone had talked about over the feed had infected her as well.  ]

First Satoshi-kun and Satoko-chan, Miichan, then Keiichi-kun, and now Rika-chan? It's just so... sad. Rena thought that they could be happy here, but... it's just like before... being alone and taking those pills. Then when Takano killed us one by one... Rena couldn't do anything... Now they're all gone...

[ She sniffed as she choked back her tears trying to compose herself, but failing. ]

No, Rena... you must be happy. For their sake...

[ Even though she told herself that, it didn't seem to make her feel any better. ]

Say the magic words. Say it.

Hauu... Hauu... H-Hauu...
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[ magic words, huh? This girl here knows a lot about that too, and so - perhaps to cheer Rena up - she immediately starts saying it determinedly as well. ]

Uu-.. Uu-..!!
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That's Maria's ve-ry powerful magic! Those magic words will cheer you up for sure, uu-! They're the magic of happiness..!

[ and she really believes in it, so she repeats them once more too. ]

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Of course there's magic for it.. magic is meant to make people happy. [ even if the person she used to use it on the most was herself before this place.. ]

It can make you happy too right now, even if everything seems sad.
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So what you need right now.. is the magic of happiness, right?
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Then Maria will give it to you, uu-..! All of the magic of happiness you need to feel happy again!
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[Have someone who's not even trying to be happy right now. In fact, have someone who pretended to be happy while she was suicidal for who knows how long because showing her happy side was done just for that one person... Or for a lot of other reasons, but mostly because of a quote from that one person.

But, Rena, your post is too sad. She couldn't try to put on a happy face even if she tried to.

Taking pills, what? Ah, she ... Heard about the killing part, guess she knows the name of the killer now too. Or that's what she thinks anyway.]

R-Rena-chan ...you... I'm so sorry.

[pause, she's trying to find all the words here.]

You're not all alone, you've still got everyone who you met here.

Ah, and please don't force yourself to be happy? Pretty please? [Forcing doesn't work; it's a long, hard way to go.

Magic words, huh? ...She remembers talking with her about them...]
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[Too bad for you, Rena, but she wants to see all sides of you. Seeing just one side of people reminds her about her pretending times too much, back then she followed Eichi's words about the moon always showing only one side of itself to people...]

Don't be sorry about it... It's fine, it may sound weird, but I'm happy to see different sides of people. [Okay, well right now she's sad, but that was so sad.] Die... Again? [You just keep shocking her with everything you tell about dying... Sure, there was that part about someone killing them too, but... No, she doesn't get it. She's just a girl from a pretty normal world.]
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[:| She knows all about hiding everything that could make others worry.]

I really won't mind at all, and you won't be a burden to me - or anyone else. ...Hiding your true feelings is a very bad thing to do, Rena-chan. [Said with a sad tone, and a sigh at the end. She's not lecturing her, she's just... Worried about people who do that.]
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Ehhh? Consider it forgiven, really. I'm just ...It's scary when people are left all alone. Of course you're not all alone here, you have me and everyone else, but [... swallow...] you really didn't even need to apologize for anything from me.
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[Rena has been left alone a lot. Should be used to it by now, but... guess not.. Have a very understanding sad smile, girl.] Ah, you too? I don't think anyone can ever get used to it, even though we feel like we should be used to it... I know I never got used to it back home and here, well... I won't get used to it here either.
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Ah, umm... Well, my list is kind of long with deaths and people acting like I don't even exist or blaming me about some deaths. I used to be quiet about it, and nowadays I'm as over it as one can be, so no wonder you would have never guessed. Ahh, and I would have never guessed any sad things about you either. But everyone needs at least someone, the more the merrier, right?
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[...What. Athrun could barely believe his ears, mainly over the killing thing. It was his natural inclination to ask about it, but the girl was very obviously distressed, so he determined that this was the wrong time to ask. Instead, he tries to offer sympathy.]

...I'm sorry. I know all too well what it's like to lose friends. And I considered Rika to be a friend, too.

[If Rena looks at the background behind Athrun, she may notice certain kinds of equipment -- what you'd usually find in a hospital.]
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Yeah. I've been here for over two years, so I've seen all sorts of people come and go, including some from my own world. I've lost friends at home, too.

[The images of some of the comrades he lost in the wars flash through his mind as he says that, and he looks like he's recalling something. Though her last statement snaps him out of it.]

...Uh. Roomy?
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...If only. I've never been comfortable in a hospital.
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It sounds like you came from a rough place. I suppose I can identify.
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[He won't ask what happened. However, he has his suspicions.]

I'm sorry. At least you don't have to deal with that here.
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That just means you should make some new friends here. It's always nice to have more friends, after all.
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Not much in life is simple, and it does take time. But in the end, I find it's worth it. As long as you're willing to persevere.
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That's good to hear. There's not a stronger force in this world than human willpower.
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It's not a burden. There's little else I can do right now, so I might as well do what I can.
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It was my pleasure. I wish you the best.
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Don't worry about it. Just helping is enough for me.